Samsung Projectors: Think Big!

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Thin Film Transistor, or TFT, is an innovative new transistor technology which is widely used in displays. Basically, it is a special kind of field-effect transistor made by depositing thin films of a semiconductor active layer as well as the dielectric layer and metallic contacts over a supporting substrate. Among there many variants, most popular is perhaps TFT LCD monitor. These TFT LCD monitor incorporates the TFT technology on the LCD flat panels, resulting in a display that has improved image stability. Highly versatile, TFT LCD monitors are much cooler than other displays and are very power efficient. Its no wonder that nowadays TFT LCD monitors, not only are used in television sets, but also in computer monitors, mobile phones, navigation systems etc. This sheer variety of TFT LCD monitor is perhaps the de facto strength of them. However, these TFT LCD monitors also come with their fair share of cons. The general size limitation of TFT LCD monitors hampers its applications on big screens. Also, TFT LCD monitors are not entirely known for their response time, resulting in blurry images of a high motion video. Add to the fact that TFT LCD monitors are generally expensive to manufacture, the natural need arises to look for alternatives.

To counter this, TFT Plasma TV comes into picture. These TFT Plasma TVs mainly operate by the emission of plasma gas from three glass-encased plasma bubbles, one for each basic form of color. This results in an excellent picture quality display of a TFT Plasma TV, with perhaps the best viewing angle in flat panels. Moreover, the general ability of a TFT Plasma TV to reproduce movies in correct aspect ratio along with the ability to process fast motion clearly makes it an ideal High Definition display platform. Naturally, TFT Plasma TVs are mostly used as big screen HDTVs, providing a scintillating HD video experience. However, TFT Plasma TVs are prone to burnout, with the unit being too hot to reproduce images correctly. High cost of manufacturing further plague TFT Plasma TVs, with the smallest unit costing at least $2,000. Hence to address all the flat panel issues, one can eliminate the root problem of monitors itself by switching over to Projectors!

While not endorsing any brand, one can definitely argue that Samsung Projectors are leading projectors manufacturer. Samsung Projectors comes in variety of types such as CRT based projectors, LCD based projectors, DLP projectors etc. These Samsung Projectors offers unprecedented control over image and video quality, with high focus on details. Naturally, Samsung Projectors for movies can turn out any room into a virtual theater. However, the bulkiness factor of several Samsung Projectors undermines many of its values in comparison to slim TFT plasma TVs and TFT LCD monitors. In the end though, its a users choice of accepting the best out of three, depending on his needs and budget. For further information one can always lookup the internet. One such recommended site having detailed information of all type of displays is
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Samsung Projectors: Think Big!

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This article was published on 2011/04/14