Benefits of choosing commercial LCD Monitors for Digital signage

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For many businesses today, digital signage has become indispensable for driving sales and enhancing profits. As compared to the residential models, commercial LCD monitors are far better when it comes to digital screens.


This is because commercial LCD screens are specifically designed to withstand continuous use in extremes of climatic conditions. While most can work continuously for fifteen yours, there are those that can even work twenty four hours a day all seven days a week. Most of the commercial LCD screens support standard PC resolutions and have ports that interface with computers for total integration of the digital signage systems.


Commercial screens also come with other essential features such as dust inflow filters, heat dissipation plates, electronics that enable adjustment of screen brightness and cooling fans. Due to the rough usage of digital signage these features are essential as they help maintain optimum temperatures resulting in enhanced component life and longevity of the panel.


As compared to the residential models, the commercial LCD monitors offer strong power supplies and housing, higher refresh rate and enhanced protection against electro-magnetic interference. Most of them can be remotely controlled and it is possible to prevent disruption of settings that are pre-programmed by locking out the menu buttons.


It may be quite tempting to opt for the low grade monitors especially if you have to place them at multiple locations. However in the long run, you will be spending a fortune on maintenance and it is recommended to choose good quality commercial grade LCD monitors.


You may be carried away with the attractive offers on display at the electronic stores. It is imperative to carry out an in-depth research before you choose the best monitor for your requirements. 


Consumer grade residential LCD monitors are made to run only for a limited period of time, say for four to eight hours a day. They end up breaking down with prolonged usage. Certain cheaper LCD or plasma screens may also have issues related to image retention on the screen and may exhibit screen defects when a static image is displayed over an extended period of time. Commercial grade LCDs have a better display which does not fade over time and is not affected by bright sunlight; they have higher brightness and contrast ratios.


Only the commercial grade LCD monitors used for digital display come with the essential cooling mechanism. Consumer LCD may not feature other essential ports and inputs necessary for proper working of media players. Most PC screen resolutions are also not supported by many consumer grade monitors. 

Commercial LCD monitors offers the option of digital signage content display in portrait or landscape orientation. Consumer screens are exposed to vandalism and havoc as anyone can play around and damage the menu buttons.  Today, many businesses around the world have realized the power of digital advertising as compared to the traditional static posters. Industries where digital signs are used the most include hospitality, education, corporate communication and retail. Its growing success can be attributed to the fact that content can be customized to enable effective connectivity with employees and consumers.


If you are considering digital signage for your business, then take care in choosing only the best quality commercial grade LCD monitors for display. Conduct and in-depth research and choose a screen that offers enhanced functionality and features and an extended life. LCD displays are expensive and one needs to consider this matter carefully. In digital signage there are companies that rent out the entire system and for such companies' reliability is a key factor and only commercial grade LCD monitors will serve the purpose.  



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Benefits of choosing commercial LCD Monitors for Digital signage

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This article was published on 2011/01/03